Wednesday, August 20, 2014

hello again.

never really got a chance to write about our getaway to koh phangan. and i think this site is becoming a travelog as time goes by. well, theres so many things that happen during our short stint together.

just thinking about it makes me think of songs by fortunate youth. i mean, we technically (oops) listen to them throughout our stay there. the place is fucking amazing. phuket is shit i tell you. i know cos a day there feels shit. too many people. can never stand a crowd (except IT shows) hehe.

our flight was phuket bound and by the time we reach it was already late. and being mcm fhm, we decided not to get any travel packages. so we took the airport bus. and its fucking dirt cheap la. stopped right in front of our hotel some more.

we stayed the night there and proceeded with our  journey the next day. we took the minivan to this bus terminal in phuket and got on a bus soon after. the ride was unforgettable. eh siala now i come to think of it, all the rides are unforgettable sak. from the minivan to the water dripping bus to the hot ass ferry to the missed ferry and on top of the list has to be the night fucking ferry. it had mattress and charging points. and fucking hell the best ferry ride in my entire life! something different something fresh with someone i love oh so dearly too.

theres so much things i could talk about but i guess me being me, im not gonna say so much but to let you see some of the pictures. a picture speaks a thousand words ape. haha actually malas nak type panjang2. ok chow.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Short getaway!

We kinda had a really short getaway last week which turned out to be one of the first adventures in my life. We actually missed our flight in the morning cos we were out the whole night chilling. So to cut story short we decided to travel by bus instead. Took us nearly 6 hours to reach berjaya times square. Thank god i didnt have enough sleep cos id be the most crankiest person on earth!

We booked a night at avani sepang goldcoast resort which says its located near klia. We clearly underestimated the size of kl. Since we didnt get to catch our flight and ended up at BTS instead, we decided to chill and have our late lunch cum dinner at subway. We took the monorail to kl sentral after that thinking we could travel by public transport to klia and just cab over to our resort since its "near" klia.

When we reached kl sentral, we actually need to purchase tickets to klia which will cost us 35rm each. So then we decided to cab over from kl sentral instead. Little did we know its gonna be the most expensive cab ride ever in our entire lives!

We kinda get the jizz of the cab fare beforehand from the cab drivers. Unmetered would cost us 190rm so we decided to save a few bucks by taking the metered cab. The place is really secluded and we fucking love it. Out of the city's reach. Just peace. Just what we needed. 

After checking in, we were told that we could use any bicycles we can find around the resort! And the rooms, the view was just amazing!! We kinda got hungry after that and walked outside the resort to look for some cheap good food. Stumbled upon a warong and we had our late dinner cum supper. Pattaya for me and mee bandung for her. It hit the spot so we decided to call it a day. 

Woke up early the next day to have our breakfast and spend time with each other at the resort until its time to check out. Yeap it was only for a day but we enjoyed it very much. 

Thats not all! So we reached the airport 6 hours early. Had lunch and just walked around the whole airport mall and talked abt anything and everything. Found out that i lost my bunch of keys and couldnt gave enough fucks to look for it. Haha! Guess what? We missed our flight back home too!!!! Bloody hell what are the odds right? Exactly! After trying our best to talk things out with the tigerairways staff, its clear that we're gonna be fucked over. No more flights for that night and she's got internship the next day, things couldnt get any worse. So we bought the earliest tix at 615hrs the next day. What we did to kill time?

I love you for all the stupid things we do. They can say whatever they want i dont give any fucks about it.